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2019-2020 Season

Friends and Family Sponsors



Carol & Frederick Goundry


Dan and Pam Cree

Luyba Khavrutskii


Green's Home Center, Inc

Thin Blue Line Travel

Dr. Mark and Iris Koshar


RIchard and Marilynn Howard

Dave and Bonnie Kupp

Don and Susie Green

Linda Staples

Sidney and Jeri Johnson

Judy Poole

Marie and Duane Rhodes

Jerry and JoAnne Lawson

Mario and Gussie Ricozzi

Randall Cox

Shannon and Andrew Johnson

Janice Taylor

Carl Roode

Ruth Kirkpatrick

Jan & Dan Kaminski

Mary LoGiudice

Jill Maenner


John Treadwell

Shelly Michaud

D Feist

Dea Baldovin

Daria Baldovin-Jahrling


Victoria Davis

Judy Lassiter

Steven and Janice Heyman

JoAnn Rhodes

Nancy Miller

Mark and Janet Flanagan

Bonnie and Charles Easterday Jr

Eileen and Steve Richter

Richard and Diane Linkevich

Sue and Paul Adelson

Betty Easterday

Jackie Hall

Rosemary Georgi

Cindy and Charlie Gingrich

Mike and BevT readwell

Donald and Rita Shounder

Kathy Gaumer

Brad and Jane Barnes

Mary and Bob Cree

Tracy Podsiadlo

Paulina Wolfe

Davis and Jillian Yoho

Doris Demler

Thomas and Karen Stevenson

Ron and Donna Edwards

Adelaide McCallum

Dan and Becky Schimel

John Davis

Deborah Spriggs

Nancy Wallace

Emmeline Sponseller

Mr and Mrs Jerome Chepulis

Mr and Mrs Robert Pergande

Kandice Jarvis

Earl and Mary Nagle

Stanley and Dorothy Wondolowski

Maureen Sevec

Deborah Pergande

Mike and Liz Sipala

Thomas and Laureen Wondolowski

Seth and Liz Brohawn

Marilyn Buchen

Jason Ditto

Cameron May

Thomas and Bonny Marcellino

Edith Hough

Tim and Janet Gaumer

Jorge Urrutia

Sharon Johnson

Eric Witlin

Milton and Kathleen Roberson

James V Rizzo & Co LLP

Pankaj and Tanuja Mistry

Butch MacDonald

Amanda Batchelet

Jennifer and Jeff Zinn

Colleen Schmitt

Kellye Dooley

Rome Jackson

Susan Green

John Lawson

Juliana Matheka

Eileen Tanner

Amanda and Mike Bailey

David and Jamie Hardy

Elizabeth Rohacheck

John and Linda Erickson

Mark and Kelly Spurrier

Leonida Buenviaje

Michael and Mildred Garrett

Jan and Larry Schwartz

Gary and Dee Pizzedaz

Chris and Wes Whetstone

Joseph Holdridge

Sanjay Vanguri

Michelle DeFazio

Josephine Baccellieri

Vincent Baccellieri

Billy Joe and Jean Miller

Franklin Stockman, Jr

Rodney Irons

Robert and Katey Purgason

Freida Carter

Jack and Robin Schnapper

Alleyne Dickens Tierney Mays

Urbana Orthodontics PA

Nila Narang

Kimberly Woolsey

Pat and Dick Stock

Scott and Katherine Harmon

Sara and Grover Webber

Donald and Bonnie Beall

Gopal and Kate Narang

Cinda Spurrier

Neil Jarrett Jr.

Gina Ricozzi

Donna and Richard Mifsud

Rebecca Linton

Julie Nease

Bill and Tina Ware

James and Carol Ditto

Peter Jahrling

Bobby and Pam Shirley

Mark and Julia Buchen

Peggy Newlen

Spirit Led Auto Care, Inc

Christin Davis

Victoria Baker

Tommy Lee

Victoria Baker


Stacy Przybocki

Delores Kuth

Patricia Linn

Sheila Thompson

Concetta Marques

David Pergande

Richard and Carolyn Smith


Sandra Cox

Caedence Huffman

Patricia Duty

Landon Schimel

John Campbell

Wannaporn Barth

Meghan and Zach Dismukes

Chris and Julie Smith

Marsha Segal

Dorothy Segal

Betty McKibben

Harmonie Ponce

Lisa Alcid

Erwin Buenviaje

Christina Eberwein

Rita Saavedra

Marcin and Marzena Dyba

William and Erica Fleming

Mary Lou Moore

Jen Etzel

Delissa Hall-Yacoubian

Richard Mood

Myron and Candice Segal

Tim Close

Tim Herlihy

Anne Hollister

Kevin and Carol FordFord

Cara Ditto

Courtney Harrison

Laura Demler

Ashley Bailey

Kathy Gaertner

Bryan and Deb Stuart

Rebecca Bowling 

Business Sponsors

Diamond Level

24/7 Dance – Korrell Enterprises





Robert and Maureen Sievers Foundation

Bronze Level

Stampin Up-Randi Collins

Pearly Kate Photography

Friend Level

Tree Trekkers

Liberty Mountain Resort

Whitetail Resort

Way Off Broadway Theater

Patron Level

Dave and Busters
Shawdowland Laser Adventures
Adventure Park USA
Maryland Ensemble Theatre
Catoctin Wildlife Preserve
Thomas Scott Salon and Spa
Luray Caverns
Structures Salon and Spa
Catoctin Breeze Vineyard
Skate Frederick
Smooch Studios
Flying Dog
Deer Valley Landscaping
Robin's Bowdacious Bows

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